Metal spraying

Within the business division of metal spraying we employ qualified specialist staff with an extensive knowledge in controlled surface coating of machine components, also with respect to special alloys. We developed several metal spraying procedures which have been certified by DNV GL.

A great number of shipping companies has made use of our extensive range of services for a long time, e.g. for short-notice reconditioning of piston rods of all engine types. If required, we are also able to deliver to you immediately in order to avoid downtimes.

  • Reconditioning of piston rods, spindles, different shaft types
  • Rotors and bearing plates of E-engines and pumps
  • Water guiding jackets
  • HVOF coating of exhaust gas valve stems
  • Ceramic coating of shaft sleeves on stern tube seals
  • Repair of shrunk bearing and sealing as well as various shaft drilling
  • Ceramic coating on E-engines for insulation purposes
  • Hard coating of shaft protection sleeves in pump construction
  • Corrosion-resistant coating of defect or new hydraulic piston rods
  • Wear-resistant coating of rotors and casing on rotary valves
  • Repair of machine parts by restoring the tolerance values
  • Wear protection

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