Reconditioning of large engine components

Comprehensive service by experienced technicians

Our service offer comprises a wide range in the reworking of naval diesel engine components such as piston rods, piston crowns, piston skirts, cylinder covers, exhaust valves and valve seats, valve housings, turbocharger casings etc.

Equipped with extensive machinery as well as technicians with long-term experience, we are able to provide you with individual suggestions for your repair works after careful inspection.

  • Reconditioning of cylinder covers for large diesel engines, including restoration of cracks and hardfacing in the area of fuel injectors
  • Reconditioning of exhaust valve spindles and seats
  • Repair of exhaust valve housings
  • Repair of piston crowns for 2 - and 4-stroke engines of cast steel, aluminum and cast iron
  • Repair of piston skirts to renew the BZ-rings and contact surfaces
  • Repair of turbocharger casings
  • Adjustment of liners in their power range
  • Repair of pumps: shafts, wear rings and housing repairs
  • E-Motors: Rotors and shields
  • Machining of propeller hub according to manufacturer specifications


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